Milepost 95 is my story.  The one I carry and the only one I can tell.

It is a transparent story of the breaking of my protective shell through disappointments, a life altering accident, emotional abandonment, major illness, and loss. Yet it is the story of perseverance, leaning into God, and learning to choose joy.

It is a story of the mileposts that have marked the major passages God has brought me through. The mileposts mark my journey in learning to trust, finding motivation to thrive, staying positive and laughing through the storms and trials.

My story reveals how Jesus called me to be a light during a time of darkness and encouraging during a time of despair. And how He used a time of rehabilitation to bring me closer to Him while fulfilling the destiny that He has chosen for me.

If you are struggling with an unexpected and unwanted transition in your life, Milepost 95 will remind you how God can use your most broken moments to give inspiration and hope to those around you.

My story shows how Christ can take the wreckage of our lives, and redeem and transform it into a beautiful tapestry.

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When I began riding my bike long distances 35, 60, 80 and 100 miles I had no idea how God would use this exercise as part of my healing.

The physical challenge of long-distance road biking has really strengthened and grown me in powerful ways. When you see the world from the seat of a bike you get a completely different view of the Lord’s creation. I have been able to go on back roads and climb mountains that I would have never been able to do by car.  And the fellowship with other bikers that are just as crazy as I am to think it is fun to ride 100 miles in several hours has been a gift as well. When you spend that much time in the bike saddle with folks you get to REALLY know them. And too there are usually interesting things that happen along the way that create memories for a lifetime.  Movement on a bike gives you time to pray and think while also exercising and making your body stronger. I am so grateful that I had the courage to try a NEW thing and take up road biking in my fifties. Best decision ever!

Kayaking has also been a great way to exercise and see parts of the world that you only get to see when you are on the water.  I started kayaking in my forties when a friend asked me to go with her one time. That virgin kayak trip was all it took to reel me in and make me a person that loves to be on the water any opportunity that I get.  This water sport is an excellent way to get an upper-body workout and take in the beautiful scenery all along the way. I mainly kayak around Idaho, the Snake River usually. You always see wildlife like ducks, and geese, sometimes deer and eagles.  The warm sun on your back and arms can make it a really warm boat adventure. But the gorgeous Shoshone Falls and Pillar Falls make the heat bearable. When I kayak by myself I use this time to talk and listen to the Lord and take in His incredible handiwork of the canyons and rivers and places that He has created.  I am sure glad I took a risk and said yes to my friend when she asked me to kayak. My kayaking adventures have been so relaxing and enjoyable.